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Hello, I am RiCK. Welcome to RiCK's Computer Service.

When you hire me you won't get some out of the country phone support person who can barely speak English, but an educated and experienced local computer guru who will come to your home or business and solve your computer needs. I also offer live remote assistance.

I keep my prices low to better serve you.


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Some of the things I can help you with:


Better Service, Cheaper Rates!


RiCK's Computer Service Pricing Guide:

    RiCK's Computer Service Pricing   Competitor Prices
Hourly:   $60 Lowest fees and prompt service.   $85 + High fees, and slow service.
Travel Fee:   $20 for up to 25 miles.   Most won't travel, must bring to them!
Additional:   $1 per mile for travel over 25 miles.   Competitors often charge additional fees per item in addition to their hourly fees.
    $299.99 In-Home Diagnostic & Repair
    $299.00 Virus/Spyware Removal
    $219.99 System Restore
    $158.99 Data Backup
    Geek Teks
    $299.99 On-site Pricing
    $129.99 Diagnostics Fee
    $39.99 Pick-Up Fee
    $99.99 Virus & Spyware Removal
    $249.99 Data Recovery
    $199.99 Remote Service
    Techincal Reinforcements, Inc
    $85 Hourly / Residential
    $115 Hourly / Business
    $230 Hourly / Emergency Service

Compare to Geeksqaud, Staples, Geek Teks, Techincal Reinforcements, or others and you will see my prices are the best around.


With 25+ years experience, and holding 22 certifications in Computer Sciences, I offer many services in multiple areas of expertise. I program in more than 20 computer languages to best fit your needs. I offer around the clock availability to work with your schedule day or night.


NCSA Certifications

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Languages I utilize for programming:

ActionScript, AutoIt, BASIC, Batch, C, C++, Firefox SDK, Flash, HTML, Java, Javascript, JScript, JSON, Lua, Microsoft .NET, mIRC Script, PHP, Python, QBASIC, Tasker, Unix Shell, VBScript, Visual Basic, Visual C, White Pages API, Windows PowerShell, XML..



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